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Christchurch Pubs 1960-1980 




This is a somewhat incomplete list of licensed premises, locations of Christchurch in the two decades between 1960 and 1980.  Bound to have missed a few, which an eagle-eyed, shagrined ex local will no doubt point out. My criteria, to repeat was ‘licensed premise’ as opposed to your standalone traditional pub and I narrowed the list to Christchurch establishments. Using the given name(s) 1960 to 1980 and trying to point you towards the current location, previous reincarnations. I would love some photos to accompany this article, wouldn’t we all?! There’s bound to be heaps of pics – somewhere? Send them my way and let’s preserve the photographic record as well. The cruel irony researching this one is there’s a greater written and photographic public record of pre 1960 pubs in Christchurch than there is of the ones I would term ‘in living memory’. The definitive 1997 book on historic hotels of Christchurch is one by Stephen Symons called 'The Watering Holes'. Stephen also has a web site with some online bios of the pubs I've catalogued below. Thanks to Don there's a map of all the pubs in the Christchurch Square Mile (1984) below.   


AUTOLODGE                       72 Papanui Road
AUSTRLASIA                       252 Barbadoes Street (now Central City Motel Apartments)
ARANUI TAVERN                49 Pages Road
BISHOPDALE                       Bishopdale Court
BONNERS TOURIST HOTEL (Later STATION) Crn Manchester St and Moorhouse Ave
AVON HOTEL                       356 Oxford Tce (now the Holiday Inn on Avon)
BLACK HORSE (Later WHITE HORSE)   33 Lincoln Road
BLENHEIM ROAD                280 Blenheim Road
BOWER                                 New Brighton Road
BUSH INN                             Riccarton Road
CARLTON TAVERN              Corner Papanui and Bealey Ave
CALEDONIAN HOTEL          Caledonian Road
CANTABRIAN                       Refer McKendreys
CANTERBURY INN (also TRANS HOTEL) Mandeville Street
CAVE ROCK                           Mariner Street, Sumner
CENTRAL HOTEL                  Cnr Lichfield and Colombo
CHATEAU REGENCY            189 Deans Ave
CLARENDON                         Worcester Street
CLUB HOTEL                          Colombo Street, Sydenham (public bar of Churchills remains) 
COTSWORLD INN                 88-90 Papanui Road
COKERS HOTEL                     Manchester Street
CROWN HOTEL                    192 Moorhouse Ave
DOMINION HOTEL              142 Gloucester Street
EASTERN HOTEL                  Cnr Cashel and Fitzgerald (now Fitzgerald Arms)
EMBASSY                              163 Manchester Street
EQUESTRIAN                        6 Tower Street, Hornby
EXCELSIOR                            120 Manchester Street   
FERRYMEAD                         1099 Ferry Road
FORESTERS                           262 Oxford Tce (by defunct pool)
GAINSBOROUGH TRAVEL MOTEL AND HOTEL      263 Bealey Ave (now Speights Ale House)    
GLADSTONE                           328 Durham Street (later Durham Arms then destroyed in quake)
GREANADIER TAVERN             24 Oxford Tce (built on site of ROYAL HOTEL) 
GRESHAM HOTEL                     99 Cashel Street (was called ROTHERFIELD HOTEL)
GROVENOR HOTEL (was STATION)  363 Moorhouse Ave (now The Monday Room)
HALSWELL                                  Halswell Road
HEATHCORE ARMS (later FEERYMEAD)   1099 Ferry Road
HIS LORDSHIPS                          105 Lichfield Street (entrance to SOL Square)
HILLSBOROUGH TAVERN         Curries Road
HOTEL ESPANADE                     Marine Parade, New Brighton  
IMPERIAL                                    Cnr Barbadoes and St Asaph
INTERISLAND HOTEL (was TERMINUS)  Cnr Moorhouse and Manchester (now Cockrams)
ISSLINGTON HOTEL                   Main South Road
KING GEORGE                            281 St Asaph Street
LANCASTER PARK HOTEL         184 Ferry Road
LATIMER LODGE                        Latimer Square
McKENDREYS (later CANTABRIAN in 1978) 187 Cashel Street
McKENZIES                                 51 Pages Road
MARINE HOTEL                         34 Wakefield Ave
MARKET HOTEL                         776 Colombo Street (site of Vacation then Copthorne Hotel)         
MASONIC HOTEL                       Cnr Colombo and Gloucester     
NEW ALBION                              818 Colombo Street (think Baileys 818)
NEW BRIGHTON                        15 Seaview Road
NEW CITY HOTEL                       Cnr Colombo and Baths Streets 
NEW RAILWAY HOTEL              11 Manchester Street (refer also Ogilvies)
NEW WELLINGTON HOTEL       175 Tuam Street (now Annex Building?)
NEW ZEALANDER HOTEL          270 St Asaph Street (became Southlander, prior Rachael) 
NOAHS                                         Cnr Worcester and Oxford Tce    
OXFORD HOTEL                          794 Colombo Street
OGILVIES HOTEL                         11 Manchester Street (refer New Railway)
PAPANUI HOTEL                          13 North Road, Papanui
PERRYS HOTEL OCCIDENTAL     208 Hereford Street
PHOENIX HOTEL                          95 North Road, Papanui
PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL          Cnr St Asaph St and Colombo Sts
PROVINCIAL HOTEL                   Cashel Street & Barbadoes (being refurbished when quake hit)   

REDWOOD INN                            340 Main North Road
RACECOURSE HOTEL                   Racecourse Road
RACHAEL HOTEL (NEW ZEALANDER then SOUTHLANDER) 270 St Asaph, corner with Madras
ROYAL GEORGE TAVERN              67 Fitzgerald Ave
RUSSLEY HOTEL                             Roydvale Ave
SANDRIDGE HOTEL                       264 Colombo Street
SHADES TAVERN                           110 Hereford St, Shades Arcade 
SHIRLEY LODGE                             Marshlands Road
STAR HOTEL                                   343 Lincoln Road (Hagley End)  
STAR AND GARTER                       332 Oxford Tce           
STRATERN MOTOR LODGE          54 Papanui Road
SOUTHERN CROSS HOTEL           2 Moorhouse Ave
STATION HOTEL (Then GROVENOR) 325 Moorhouse Ave (now The Monday Room) 
TATTESALLS HOTEL                         157 Cashel Street (became a carpark in 2008)
TRANS HOTEL (refer CANTERBURY INN) Mandeville St (now Ashley)
UNITED SERVICES                            3 Cathedral Square
VACATION HOTEL (refer MARKET) 776 Colombo Street   
VALLEY INN                                       Cnr Flavall and Marsden Sts
WALTHAM ARMS                            151 Waltham Road
WARNERS HOTEL                            50 Cathedral Square
WHITE HART HOTEL                        251 High Street (Cnr of Hereford)
WHITE HERON                                  Memorial Ave (now Sudima)
WHITE SWAN HOTEL                       32 Tuam Street (now Archibalds)
WOOLSTON TAVERN                       604 Ferry Road
YALDHURST                                       Main West Road
ZETLAND HOTEL                               88 Cashel Street (became Café Bleu in 90’s) pictured below 




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