Christchurch Bands Gig Posters & more! Christchurch Bands Gig Posters & more! 3ZM Rocks The Hillsborough 1979 It was this sort of rocking that pissed neighbors off and brought about its demise. From my collection. 123707882 Androidss and Breathless at Hillsborough Mine. 123707951 Pop Mechanix at Hillsborough 123707952 Slash Alley at DB Lancaster 123707953 Androidss Single Cover 123708056 Gladstone Advert Rip it Up 123708524 Newtones Postcard from Single The worlds skinniest band? 123708525 The Dudes and The Vauxhalls at Hillsborough 123708526 Newz Logo 123708527 The Strand Nite Club Virtually a who's who of Christchurch bands in 1979. The Vauxhalls, Bon Marche (who became the Newz) Plastic Impact, Vapour and The Trails, Stanley Wrench all at The Old Sydenham Fire Station (ooop's Strand Nite Club) 123708528 The Strand Nite Club Poster from 1979. I was at that opening held in Mt Pleasant Community Centre of all places. 123709118 Toy Love, The Vauxhalls, 40 Denier at Varsity I was in 40 Denier! We actually played well that night and remained fairly sober. 123711717 The White Boys & Sneaky Feelings at Star and Garter 123711718 The Link Glam was 'in' in 1973. Think these guys played at Blenheim Road? 123765850 Xmas Rage The Vauxhalls, Androidss, Stanley Spanner and The Monkey Wrenches. 123766115 3ZM Rocks The Avon Again! Featuring The Swingers, Bon Marche, Street Talk etc 123769609 Playthings and Androidss at Hillsborough My collection. 123769913 Gordons Poster 123770174 Double Happys at Gladstone 123770112 Bailter Space at The Carlton 123770551 Androidss Arthur Manawatu Poster 1980 123877835 The Newz LP Poster Bon Who? 123880703 Newtones and Playthings at Gladstone Think this is Mark Brooks work? 123880807 The Gordons Tour Poster Note: Ashburton makes the A list My collection. 123880740 The Vauxhalls at The British What a combination! 123880953 The Bats Orientation Poster 123880954 JPS Experience Album Poster 123880955 Rock + Roll Incident Christchurch Town Hall 1979 Toy Love, Sherlux, Androidss, Splash Alley 124531814 Whizz Kids Hillsborough 1979 Sadly under-recorded group. They were N.Z's version of early XTC. 124531815 The Prodigies (Christchurch) 143164599 Sneaky Feelings Subway 1983 was New Zealander Tavern then The Southlander Hotel on the corner of St Asaph, Madras and High. 143164601 Prodigies at New Zealander Tavern Subway became Jetset Lounge a couple of decades later. 143164602 JPS Experience at Subway Subway was a bar in the New Zealander Tavern, which became The Southlander and incoroporated The Jetset Lounge. 143164603 The Bats at Gladstone 143165609 The Bats and The Strangeloves (Dave Kilgour) Subway was a bar in the New Zealander Tavern, which became The Southlander and incoroporated The Jetset Lounge. A vacant section when I last passed. 143165610 JPS Experience 143165611 The Camellias along with Genie and The Wild Children. Subway was a bar in the New Zealander Tavern, which became The Southlander and incoroporated The Jetset Lounge. Now a pile of rubble, 143165612 Sneaky Feelings at Gladstone 143165613 The Bilge Festival (1983) You tell me about this one and we'll both know! 143165614 Cinematic At Dux De Lux in 1982. 143165615 The Clean and Chris Knox 83 or 84ish 143168650 The Mockers 1983 NZ Tour 143168651 Swingers and Newz at Aranui 174658738 Hillsborough Tavern February 1980 Gig Guide for Hillsborough Tavern, Christchurch 175312491 Axemen and Connoisseurs State Trinity Theatre 1985 182129941 Childrens Hour at The Gladestone 1983? 182129942 Farisa Beat at Aranui July 1982 More good stuff on Facebook under ?80s 90s Hangouts Christchurch? 182230313 Gay Blades at Aranui 1982 And the prize for 'The Worst Name for a Band' goes to..... More good stuff on Facebook under ?80s 90s Hangouts Christchurch? 182230315 Line-up at Hillsborough Tavern Labour Day 1982 More good stuff on Facebook under ?80s 90s Hangouts Christchurch? 182230318 Legendary Axmin/Axemen Poster 1985 Brilliant piece of social artwork by Stuart Page. At the time Radio With Pictures was about the only source of music videos ? certainly the case for N.Z bands. Then the record companies started demanding TVNZ pay for the content. The nett result was RWP went off air. Bands: Axmen, Null and Void, All Fall Down. Source: NZ Band Posters on Facebook 182301586 Vague Secrets and All Fall Down Zetland Tavern 1984. Poster by John Christoffels (a.k.a Walt Dismal) Source: NZ Band Posters on Facebook 182301700 Chills at The Carlton 1987 Source: N.Z Band posters on Facebook 182301732 Sneaky Feelings and The Orange Gladstone/Christchurch 1984. Source: N.Z Band Posters on Facebook 182301800 Pin Group Ambivalence 45 promo 182302050 The Vauxhalls at Gladestone Obviously with borrowed kit. 190900930 Axel Grinders and Swim Everything at Zetland From the collection of David Swift. 190900931 3D's and Jay Clarkson at Canterbury University 190900932 All Fall Down and Hiding from Stan Gladstone. 190901153 Ballon d'Essai Trial Balloon clipping 190901154 Childrens Hour at Star and Garter 190901155 The Chills at the Carlton Source: N.Z Band posters on Facebook 190901156 Enemy, Clean, Vauxhalls and Doomed At Foresters Hall beside what was the Foresters Pub (by swimming pool) I was there that night. 190901157 Christchurch Punks Go on rampage in City Year/Date wanted. From David Swifts magnificent collection. 190901435 The Dudes at Ashbuton Trust 190901436 Christchurch Unemployed Rights Centre Benefit Concert White Boys + Southern Front + Legless Brownies to name but a few 190901437 Band on-stage at Gladstone. Nope I don't know who they are. 190901438 The Bats, Ballon D'Essai and Scrched Earth Policy Christchurch University Lower Common Room. Thanks again to David Swift. 190901439 Gordons at Hillsborough 190901600 Johnny Velox and The Vauxhalls + The Enemy Another gem from David Swift. 190901873 Sheerlux in Ashburton 190901874 The Spines and All Fall Down at Gladestone 190901875 Nunfest 1996 190901876 Sunday England Street Hall Gig Featuring Axemen, Scorched Earth Policy, Gillmen and All Fall Down. 190901877 Devo at Christchurch Town Hall 1982 190902011 State Trinity Theatre Telethon Gig 1984 190901705 Shock Horror N.Z Truth Headline 1980 Punk War: Death Threats to TV Star 190902437 Split Enz at Theatre Royal Was at this one. 1979 I believe. 190902438 Playthings and Mainly Spaniards at Star and Garter Thanks to David Swift. 190902768 XTC at Christchurch Town Hall XTC Christchurch 1986 190902769 David Bowie at QE2 David Bowie Christchurch 1989. 190902770 Talking Heads Christchurch 1979 I think? They also played at Sweetwaters South in 1984 and were absolutely rubbish. 190904094 Sonic Youth Christchurch Best guess 1988 190904095 Provincial Lounge 1992 gig featuring Hiss Explosion, Bedazzler, Jet Cardigan and Fleur de Lis 190904096 Jetset Lounge Gig 190904097 Dr Feelgood NZ Tour Poster 1985 I'm thinking. 190904098 Split Enz at Lincoln College 1980 190904099 3ZM Rocks the Avon 1979 Monday Night! Fuck people don't even go out on a Saturday night these days. Swingers, Bod Marche, Street Talk and Medusa (who?) 190913510 Swingers at Aranui Along with Bon Marche (1980) for a whole week! 190913511 Androidss at Gladestone for three nights in a row! 190939659 Ballon D'Essai 190939660 Bilders at Star and Garter 1982 Thanks again to David Swift for preserving and sharing. 190939661 Buyin A Hat Gladstone 1982. 190939662 Christchurch Workers Rights Cooperative Gig in Cathedral Square A lunchtime gig in the Square? Yes, really! 190939663 Toy Love and Andriodss at Hillsborough 1979. Source: Audio Culture 190940373 Desperate Measures 190948654 Meet the Ward St Boys (1993) Euphoria at 76 Lichfield Street. 147 Swordfish Salmonella Dub Hoover Blast Off 190948655 Swingers N.Z Tour 1979 190948656 The Fall N.Z Tour Poster 1982 The Fall at Christchurch Town Hall. 190948937 Gordons and The Wastrels at Gladstone 190948938 Vague Sectrets The Unknown and All Fall Down at The Gladstone 190948925 The Weeds at Gladstone 1985 Gordon is a legend 190948926 Vauxhalls and 40 Denier 191255095 Androidss Hillsborough and Gladstone 191255096 The Vauxhalls Hillsborough and Horticultural Hall. Thanks to Gordon Bartram. 191255254 196044175 Cure N.Z Tour Poster 1982 196044176 Christchurch Star Gig Guide 1984 The demise of live music is there for all to see. 196044177 Radio Avon Sticker 196044178 Whizz Kids 1979 196044179 Pop Mechanix at Happy Rock. 196044180 Hi Tone Destroyers Whitey Hiss + Brother Love + Hi Tone Destroyers at His Lordships 196044182 Hillsborough Tavern Complimentary Pass 196044183 D* Magnet Steffan Van Soest Hit Machine and SLIM at Jet Set Lounge. 196044738 Easter Monday Gig at Gladstone Vapour and Trails, Steamshack, The Vauxhalls. 196044739 Ballon D'essai at Gladstone With Liars Crystal and Mice! A 196047329 Golfcourse Alligators at Dux De Lux 196047330 Builders+ All Fall Down 196047331 Birthday Party NZ Tour Poster 196047332 40 Denier and Vauxhalls 196047483 B52s in Christchurch Town Hall 196047484 196094795 196094797 196094799 196094800 196094803 Invisible Dead at Warners Industrial/weirdo outfit that lurked briefly around Christchurch during 1992 - ?93 playing eight gigs in six months featuring a mish mash of members like Simon McLaren (ex Subliminals & Loves Ugly Children) on drums & vocals, David Clark ( ex Ape Management & Dragstrip) on guitar, bass & vocals, Robbie Forrester on bass & vocals, Stefan Jordan playing clarinet, Gavin Shaw (tape loops) and Mike Goodwin and Darius sharing vocal duties. They recorded a couple of tape releases, and were included on the Flat City and RoadkillBanquet compilations. ?their sound was based on robotic and repetitive beats, and their stage show included a two-headed guitarist, a clarinet player dressed only in tin-foil and glad wrap, and a singer in a chemical suit emblazoned with endless personal insults? [Per Dave Clark off Club Bizarre] 196094805 Johnny Velox and Vauxhalls Tour to Dunedin 196094806 Split Enz Theatre Royal 1979 196094808 Varsity Lower Common Room 1984 The Bats Ballon D'Essai Scorched Earth Policy 196094809 Toy Love at Hillsborough 1980 196094810 The Residents and Snakefinger N.Z Tour 196094811 Red Rock Concert 1988 Christchurch 1 of 2 196094812 Red Rock Concert 1988 Line-up 196094813 Star Entertainment Guide April 91 196108933 Playthings and Clients at Gladstone 196094814 Star Entertainment Guide 29 Nov 1990 196108934 The Clean at Gladstone Thanks to David Swift. 196121279 Toy Love and Androidss at Hillsborough 196121280 The Stones at Star and Garter 196121281 'Speed All Night' Gig 1982 at Canterbury University Ballroom Blam Blam Blam, Newmatics great loacl acts and super 8 porn! 196121282 Flying Nun Great Recording Party Cheers to David Swift 196121283 Blam Blam Blam + Newmatics + Screaming Mee Mees 196121284 Schools Out Gig Christchurch Town Hall 1981 Headlined by Sheer Fanatics Thanks yet again to David Swift. 196121285 Blam Blam Blam at Canterbury University Ballroom 1981 Student Stein Gig including: Rex Reason, Mainly Spaniards and Otis Mace. 196121286 Gordons at Gladstone 1980 Cheers to Gordon (no relation) for sharing his fab photos 198319012 Playthings at DB Gladstone 1980 Thanks muchly to Gordon 198319013 Andriodss at Gladstone 1980 Another gem from Gordon 198319014 Doomed at Mollet Street 1979 The Doomed from Christchurch 198318911 Loves Ugly Children at Old Mill Christchurch 1993 198318912 Sneaky Feelings at Star and Garter 198318913 Christchurch Star Gig Guide 1980 198318914 The Swingers in Christchurch 1980 Hat tip again to Gordon 198318915 The Clean at Jetset Lounge 2007 Sorry lost the source on this gem. Jetset was inside the now destroyed Southlander Hotel at 270 St Asaph St. 198648084 Inside Al's Bar 2008. Taken by Dunedin band Onanon. There's also a picture of outside Dundas Street in the pubs section. 198648027 Sumner Ballroom Rage Featuring Hip Singles and Techtones 198318916 The Enemy The Enemy from Dunedin at Foresters Hall in Christchurch 1979 198318917 Bon Marche at Valley Inn 1977 Kevin Hills collection on Flickr is outstanding! 198372398 Link at Mojos Nightspot 1973 Kevin Hill's contribution to Christchurch Music History is second to none. 198372399 Terminals at Dux De Lux 1991 perhaps? Cheers to William Daymond 198372400 Southern Blues Bar At 198 Madras Street as captured nicely by James Thornett in 2005. 198647818 Media Club Christchurch (2008) This side room bit at 191 Armagh Street always oozed atmosphere. Many thanks to the band Onanon for this one. 198648045 The Pedestrians at Gladstone Early 80's apparently. From the collection of Laurina Driscoll. 198704928 DB Gladstone Easter Monday 1979 Classic line-up 'Vapour and The Trails' 'Steamshack' and 'The Vauxalls' Great 'save' by Ian Griffiths. 198704929 Whizz Kids at Hillsborough 1979 Great line-up of support bands over the week: 'Plastic Impact' 'Harry Sparkle' 'Mr Clean' and 'The Gordons' There is also another one here somewhere?! From the collection of Kim Barron, cheers Kim. 198704930 Ballon d'Essai EP & Comic Hat tip to Dan Vallor for sharing nicely. 201839088 Straitjacket Fits at Warners Fanks for Nick Andysun on 'New Zealand Band Posters Facebook' page. 201839089 ChCh Original Music Extravaganza 1999 Old Star Tavern Christchurch. Smacc Riflemin + Jawp and Rhubarb Collective + 2 White Eyes + South American Question + Mea Culpa + The Greens. Outstanding work by Gregory Hussey. Cheers to Rob Mayes. 201839090 Sneaky Feelings at Gladstone Cheers - yet again - to the one & only Mr Mayes. 201839091 Lions and Tigers(Zanzidar) 1987 I believe. Fab artwork by Christian Carruthers. Shared to the world by Rob Mayes. 201839092 Say Yes To Apes Zetland Tavern. Artwork by Matthew Downes. Thx to Rob Mayes. 201839093