Stuff from Christchurch and New Zealands's

 recent-past worth preserving


Welcome to my on-going project started in April 2011, curtailed some-what by earthquakes and the like.

Come back from the dead in 2020. 

My master-plan is to place online subject matter from Christchurch & New Zealand's recent past (1960-2000) I deem worthy of a wider audience and it's fitting place in local history.   

This is stuff that interests me and are largely not covered anywhere else on the internet.

I already have one of the largest photographic collections of pre-earthquake Christchurch under the one-roof on the net.

All articles have in some way relied on other individuals input & anecdotes plus my own time slaving over microfilm at the Christchurch Library, googling, flickring (is that a word?) hunting under rocks etc.

The Kete Digital Library is probably the top source for pre-earthquake photos of Christchurch. 

Oh yeah before Alzheimers sets-in and I forget to mention it to you Christchurch memorabilia freaks - there's a way cool page on Facebook called '80's and 90's Hangouts Christchurch'. Other Facebook sites worth a hat-tip include 'History Always Repeats:Remembering New Zealand' and 'Lost Christchurch'.

Where denoted some of the stuff here comes (a.k.a flogged) from here & there. I always attempt - as best as my disorganised study-room permits - to acknowledge the origin of the content. If I have forgotten, I apologise.  

Note: If you are going to flog photos or copy text then please at least state their source or link back to me. I can and will bite. 

I welcome your information/photos to embellish these pages, keep a permanent record on the net.

As others stumble on this site and add their 'pennies worth' the content will no doubt grow.

Consider all pages as 'a work in progress.'

Enjoy and be sure to spread the word.

They are your memories as much as mine.

Thanks for popping by.

Paul Gilbert

pandjgilbert (at) 

PS: For the impatient, all the juicy photos and assorted bumf like adverts, Christchurch as it was etc, these are in the photo gallery - simple, eh?